Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time, Thoughts, and Trees

Yesterday I was at the grocery store, picking out some salad, and when I turned to check the expiration date and read "01.05.12" (day before month in D-land), I thought, "How can this salad last so long?!" And then I realized it's May in a couple days. When did that happen?

Puerto Rico

I'm almost at my 6th month mark here in Berlin and things have definitely taken a turn for the more promising. Along with a new job, an ever-growing social circle, and it being spring, things are looking up for this girl. Most of you know I just had my first work trip this past week. It was all a bit of a blur- signing the contract on Tuesday and sitting in the plane to San Juan on Thursday. The trip went something like this: plane, plane, plane, San Juan!, website edits, one hour beach, IEP reception, website edits, CIES conference, website edits, CIES conference, see friends!, website edits, plane, plane, London!, meeting, plane, Vienna!, meetings, plane, Berlin! SLEEP FOR 14 HOURS.


So yes, it's all very exciting. And a bit overwhelming. Though I can't tell you how excited I am to fly home on May 11th for a good 3+ weeks to see family and friends, it makes me a bit nervous, too. Will it be harder to leave this time, knowing I've now accepted this job and am committing to a few years in Berlin? Will Berlin lose some of its magic once I'm inducted into the real working world? Will I be able to fit 5 jars of Potbelly's hot peppers into my suitcase? 

Mal sehen.


Anonymous said...

Well Soeffgen, times flies by.I am so exited to see you succeed in Berlin.
My wish comes true that the Apartment was not a bad investment.
See you in Washingten for my 80 th birthday. OPA

Christine Brigid said...

First of all, you are a darn good writer. Mal sehen indeed! Second of all, worry about nothing but 5 jars of Potbelly's hot peppers. Truly, we must focus on what is important.

Tania said...

Great story teller you are! So nice of you to fill us in on your many discoveries and experiences in Berlin and beyond. You should be very proud of yourself for having landed this interesting job. Can't wait to have you 'home' for a bit soon.
Deine Mama

Nina Liakos said...

Time will tell! What happens is not usually what you've spent time and energy worrying about anyway, so why worry?