Well hello there! Willkommen to Kaffee & Suchen. My name's Sophia.

Most of my life was spent in a town called Bethesda that I love and will always consider home. But I have called many other "B" named places home, at least for a short while: Baden-Württemberg, Brittany, Boston, and now, Berlin

I made my former moves for practical reasons: study abroad, a teaching program, and grad school. I didn't plan to stay too long in any of those places. Berlin, on the other hand, I picked for Berlin. It's my first chosen home as an adult and my favorite city. And I've seen a lot of cities in my day. 

This blog is a space for me to process my own life as a transnational, with a foot on either side of the Atlantic. It's a space to ramble on about culture, language, travel, work, visitors, current events, friends, and food. (There will be lots of talk about food). It's a space that I can share with my friends and family, both near and far.

So grab a Kaffee and get settled in, because I think we'll be here for awhile. 

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