Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kreuzberg Day

I've started a new Tuesday tradition where I spend the majority of the day in Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg is a neighborhood in Berlin that's known for its large Turkish population. It's a really dynamic area filled with bars, restaurants, cafes, and obviously, great Turkish food.

My Kreuzberg day begins with a yoga class taught in English by a lovely instructor from New York who has had the pleasure of correcting my downward dog on many an occasion now. "It's not about having the straightest legs possible, Sophia, it's about elongating the spine..."

After class, I make my way over to the biweekly Turkish market. You know, since I'm in the neighborhood.

After a few minutes taking in the sights and aromas I always end up right at the same stand that sells my favorite Spinat & Käse Gözleme. Sorry to kick you when you're down, Greece, but your Spanikopita is really a poor man's version of Turkey's Gözleme. Even though it contains the same three ingredients (flaky dough, spinach, and cheese), the Gözleme's thinness and extra flakiness makes it undeniably superior. It has a lightness to it which coupled with the flecks of green from the spinach almost give the impression that it's not horribly fattening. Almost. Because then your eyes wander down to the paper which is drenched in grease.

Oh well! I eat a Gözleme once a week for lunch and I think I'm better for it.

After the market, I cross the street to my favorite cafe in the neighborhood. It's usually pretty quiet on a Tuesday afternoon, so perfect for working on job applications or blogging.

Yesterday, I surprised myself by bypassing my usual cappuccino and ordering a fresh mint tea. That yoga must be having a good influence on me. That, or it's the post-Gözleme grease guilt.

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