Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh, hey.

Mo and I get some quality beach time together

I haven't forgotten about you, blog and loyal readers! I've just been thoroughly consumed with my 3 week US jaunt. Already hit up 3 cities, 2 graduation celebrations, and 1 big family weekend to celebrate my Opa's 80th birthday. What's left? A week in DC... catching up with old work colleagues, tying up loose ends, seeing friends and celebrating another birthday, and spending quality time with the family.

With Mark in Cambridge
There are a fair amount of highlights to share already, from sipping Perrier Jouet poolside, to doing serious damage at American outlet malls, to singing two entire Backstreet Boys albums in a car ride with my sister, and having a "business meeting" with my Opa and cousins just like the old days. It's been all that I hoped for, and all I could ask for before heading back to Berlin, no return-ticket in hand.

Rolling Thunder in DC with the family

And I've learned a thing or two on this trip. Things like, all you need for a fun game is a paper bag (thanks, Evan), a few months out of the US means you are completely out of the loop (Carly Rae who?), Americans are pretty defensive of their beer these days (no arguments from me, I am sick of Pilsner), going to graduations at both my Alma Maters within the course of a week makes for a weird combo of feelings, and that really, Berlin is only a plane ride (or two) away.

"Business Meeting"


Quackard said...

Oh man, I love bite the bag. Do we have pictures from that game? America has loved having you, Ms. Sophia.

Anonymous said...

We are going to need to talk a whole lot more about weird combos of feelings....